Ion Balance Sport Bracelet

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Ion Balance Sport Bracelet More Details

Balance Sports Bracelet

This is one of the most powerful health bracelets on the market for the cost!

Much stronger than Power balance: Power Balance only works in one specific frequency of unknown origin. These bracelets uses known compounds to produce the proper frequencies. Using a combination of Magnetics, Germanium, Silicon, Bio Ceramic and Tourmaline.

One size will fit most. The bracelet can be cut with scissors to fit your wrist perfectly.

- Facilitate sleep, stabilize nervous system, promote cell regeneration, and prevent aging. Improve concentration and boost work efficiency.
- Negative ion is also known as the longevity element, which is a natural cleaner of the air.
- Negative ion can relieve fatigue, remove nerve fatigue, promote blood circulation, and increase metabolism. Contributing to an increase of immunity and a concentrate of energy.
- The germanium part of the health bracelet is considered to be a means of alleviating a number of bodily aches and pains.
- As part of a line of germanium therapy products, the bracelets are supposed to be especially effective in protecting the body from invisible radiation that is emanated from many modern devices. Along with providing protection, some proponents of germanium health bracelets also claim they can help heal damage that has already been done by radiation exposure.

Product Description

- Material: Tourmaline + Bio Ceramic + Germanium + Silicon Negative ion (above 2000 ions/cc)
- Bracelet Size: 24cm (the bracelet can be tailored)
- And yes, you can wear it in the shower.

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