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Phiten Japanese RAKUWA Titanium Necklace X30
(Gold 904)

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X30904 Phiten Japanese RAKUWA Titanium Necklace X30
(Gold 904)

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Perfect for anyone with neck and shoulder pain, the Titanium necklace is an instant and easy way to make your neck and shoulders feel great. Enhanced with titanium, it increases your blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. Titanium is a safe, allergy free metal that realigns the bio-electric current in your body.

Main Feature:

Condition: Brand new
Coated with Aqua-Titanium
Flexible core is a Micro Titanium Sphere and elastomer compound
Help to promote relaxation and reduce stress
Titanium exclusive processes increase cell efficiency, thereby enhancing circulation, promoting relaxation


Brand: Phiten
Model: Kanemoto
Size: 55 cm

Package Content:

1 x Necklace

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