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DL Sports Medicine Kinesiology Pre-cut Tape for Shoulder

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DLH7 DL Sports Medicine Kinesiology Pre-cut Tape for Shoulder DL

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DL Kinesiology tape for the Amazing Tape Series comes pre-cut and ready-to-apply, professionally engineered support for the muscles supporting and stabilizing the shoulder.

100% Authentic Guaranteed!

Brand: DL

The Amazing Tape series features one patch of kinetic tape for Shoulder support.

- Kinetic tape: Strong, full elasticity and waterproof
- Kinetic tape color: skin

One size fits most
One single use application per pack
Patient pending
FDA approved

DL pre-cut kinesiology tape comes pre-cut and ready-to-apply. Put simply it is the most user-friendly form of kinesiology taping. Using original Kinesiology tape technology, the DL tape improves blood flow to injured muscles and tendons reducing inflammation, relieving pain and encouraging recovery, without limiting range of motion. It also allows you to return to activity quicker, reducing the loss of mobility and strength that comes with resting an injured tendon or muscle.

Treatment for:
1. Reduce pain
2. Strengthen shoulder
3. Shoulder pain and weakness

PLEASE NOTE: Once package is opened this item is not returnable.

Content: Pre-cut tape(s) in retail packaging with instructions

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