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Strapless Invisible Cloth Adhesive FreeBra

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FBC1 Strapless Invisible Cloth Adhesive FreeBra FreeBra

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Cloth Free Bra is refined by advanced cloth, which is very light and breathable.

1. Made from refined advanced cloth
2. Self-adhesive cloth bra cups
3. Strapless, without side and back extension
4. Soft feeling
5. Uplift breasts and enhance cleavage
6. Invisible, perfect to be worn under backless, halter or evening dresses
7. The cloth is easy to wash, reusable.
8. Advanced cloth, which is very light and breathable.
9. Four sizes for choice: A, B, C, and D
10. Two colors for choice: Nude and Black

The most charming parts of woman`s figure should be the alluring beautiful shoulder and pretty back, but the traditional strap bra destroys all these. Now, the cloth bra is able to solve this problem easily. Without the bondage of metal wire, straps and back clasps, girls can display freely those beautiful dresses which show off your charm.

Self-adhesive cloth bra cup, adheres to the bosom naturally and closely and will not fall off, instead it becomes a part of the body. Since you can hardly feel its existence, you can do whatever you like. Front clasp bra cup can create alluring effect of the cleavage according to needs and could also prop the bosom and make the curves more charming and alluring.

Package Content:
1x Cloth Free Bra

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